How to Prepare Your Home for a New Roof, Part One

Roofing Work

You have hired a roofing contractor, the construction crews are set to arrive, and before you know it, your home will have a new roof.

But what do you need to do beforehand to prepare your house? Here’s some preparation tips from Centennial Roofing.

1. Pre-Inspections are Critical
Before installation begins, our professional roof consultants will do a complete inspection of your home’s interior, exterior and attic space. Your family’s safety is the most important issue to us and as you read further you will learn why these inspections are critical in that regard.

2. Watch Out for Illegally Run Electrical Lines
Electrical wires strung up and over your roof’s rafters are fire hazards. Fasteners penetrating the wire insulation can cause a short circuit resulting in a fire. Vaulted ceilings with canned lights and HVAC power lines are the most common problem areas. Centennial Roofing’s professional consultants can help you identify these problems before they become hazards.

3. Carbon Monoxide is Poisonous
During the installation process roofing crews will need to flash the gas exhaust vents to the new roof. It is important to know that even the slightest disturbance on the roof can dislodge the elbows and fittings of exhaust vents in your attic or closet area without the crews’ knowledge. This can cause a deadly carbon monoxide leak. Centennial’s roofing consultants will take significant cautions to prevent this from happening and will discuss any potential problems you might encounter.

4. Keep Your Children & Pets Safe

Roofing your home creates a temporary construction site that children find absolutely intriguing. Because most of the material and equipment are extremely dangerous, it is important to remind children of the hazards. Also, it’s crucial to make sure that your pets remain safely contained as well.

5. Protect Your Pool or Spa
Pools and spas can be damaged by roofing debris. Nails can stain the plaster or damage the vacuum equipment. For your protection, our quality crews will tarp the pool and spa. We do, however, recommend that pool pumps be turned off during installation and that a pool cleaning be scheduled after your new roof is installed. SAFETY WARNING! Keeping your family members away from the tarped pool is imperative.