How to Prepare Your Home for a New Roof, Part Two

Roofing Work

Make sure you are ready for a new roof installation on your home by following these practical tips from Centennial Roofing!

6. Prepare your home for vibration
Loose or breakable items should be removed from the walls and shelves before your roofing job begins to protect them from damage. The vibration will cause dust to fall through light fixtures, A/C vents, and other ceiling penetrations. Also, it is best not to have anyone who has allergies or asthma present during the installation process.

7. Get ready to hear some noise
Construction is extremely noisy. Be mentally prepared for the sound of constant hammering, sawing, and foot traffic for two or more days, depending on the size of your roof.

8. Protect your landscaping
Centennial Roofing understands the time and expense in the upkeep of your landscaping. In order to minimize any damage, turn off automatic sprinkler systems a day or two before the installation begins to protect your lawn against foot traffic. Also, it is extremely wise to mow your lawn the day before installation begins. This allows for a much more thorough clean up.

9. Trim your trees
Trees can be a major cause of the premature wearing of a roof. Besides damaging shingles, leaf debris building up in the valley areas can cause shingles to deteriorate and promote algae growth. If your trees need to be trimmed in order to keep limbs off the roof, please do so before the project begins.

10. Protect your family’s restroom privacy
Skylights must be removed in order to properly reflash them. When the domes are removed, occasionally the tape and bedding stuck to the inside of the skylight frame cracks and peels slightly. This is unavoidable especially in the case of bathroom and kitchen skylights. Additionally, if your home has bathroom skylights, please remember to schedule bathing times appropriately.

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