How to Prepare Your Home for a New Roof, Part Three


Concerned about your home’s upcoming roofing project? Don’t be worried! Let Centennial Roofing help you prepare.

11. Watch out for your attic.
Items stored in your attic may encounter dust and debris during the removal of an existing roof. It is important to remember to be careful when opening the attic hatch in case any shifting occurs.

12. Be aware of any electrical issues.
Occasionally, the power tools used to install your new roof may trip circuit breakers. If any circuit breakers are tripped inside the home, it could cause a potentially dangerous situation if medical equipment is being used. Please make sure any precautionary actions are taken to prevent any unfortunate situations.

13. Accidents do happen, but preparation helps keep them at a bare minimum.
Roofing is major construction and some accidents do occur; however, a quality conscious contractor should know how to prevent most of these incidents. Therefore, Centennial Roofing will cover A/C units, windows and screens, move lawn furniture and do our best to be consistently professional and courteous at all times.

14. Protect your gutters.
Centennial uses “U” shaped attachments to keep ladders from damaging gutters. These attachments prevent the ladders from coming in contact with the gutters and also stabilize the ladder for the crew’s safety. Even though very few contractors take the precautionary measures we do, please understand that a small amount of scratches and minor dents are sometimes unavoidable.

15. Get your yard ready.
For their protection, we ask that you keep cars, boats, and trailers away from the area and out of the driveway during installation. Additionally, we will need access to all areas of your yard for cleanup. Please remove pets from your backyard and have all gates unlocked for this purpose.

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