Do You Know the True Health of Your Roof?

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There’s no doubt that these economic times are tough. More than ever, it’s making sense for people to remain in their current homes, rather than seeking a new one. You can see how this widespread decision is playing its part in a lagging housing market. Now is definitely not the time to be selling.

If you’re planning on remaining in your current home for some time, it’s of course necessary to stay up with any upkeep issues. You want to ensure that your home remains in great shape for two big reasons. The first being it’s your home! It’s a piece of property that you should have a great deal of pride in owning. It’s the place where you raise a family and entertain friends. It’s part of who you are.

The other reason why you want to keep your home in great shape also makes sense. Your home is a major asset. You want to do everything possible to keep the value of that asset high. Should you ever want to sell your home, the small repairs and improvements you make to it today will allow you to put a higher price tag on it in the future. The more money you can retrieve from this home can mean more money to put towards an even bigger and better next home.

Part of keeping your home in great shape involves minding the quality and shape of the roof that sits on top of it. A well-constructed roof means your home and all of your possessions are safe from Mother Nature. It also can add significantly to the value of a home, so should you want to sell it one day, that’s something a potential buyer will want to know.

Thankfully, ensuring that you have a strong roof doesn’t mean that you need a new one! Quite the opposite! Even if your roof is 10 years old, it may only need some small routine improvements. Those adjustments could add many, many more years to your roof’s life.

Now, there’s a way for you to determine if your roof is a candidate for potential replacement or if it may only need a few small tweaks to remain solid for years to come! Repair vs. Replace offers quizzes for tile roofs, shingle or wood shake roofs, and flat roofs. Once you’re on the site, you can take a brief quiz on your roof. To receive the quiz that best fits your roof, you’ll be asked a few preliminary questions. It will even ask you where you heard about the quiz, so please be sure to select Centennial Roofing.

Upon reaching the quiz, there will only be a few more easy questions, it will ask your roof’s age and condition, amongst other things. After submitting your information, the site will calculate your roof’s score. Based upon its score, it will identify whether your roof is in perfect condition or may be a candidate for repair or replacement.

If you have questions or concerns about how your roof scored, feel free to give us a call at Centennial Roofing at 972-223-1765. We can explain why your roof tested the way it did. We can also send a technician to your home to an in-person analysis of its status.

If you’re looking to stay in your home for an extended period of time, and you’re questioning the strength of your roof, take the short quiz. You’ll receive your results in minutes. And it might give you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking.