Don’t Return Home from Christmas to a Wet Roofing Mess!

Rainy Day at Home

It’s a time honored tradition amongst families all across the country. Every December, when the kids are out of school, everyone packs their suitcases and bags and leaves town for the annual Christmas vacation. No matter if it’s a three-day visit to your parent’s home or a ten-day long excursion to Grandma’s farm, everyone looks forward to it.

Hopefully, by the time you return from your family vacation, you will have spent some quality time with your loved ones and will be nice and relaxed. The last thing you ever should have to worry about is coming home to a giant mess. Yet that’s what happens to thousands of homeowners each year!

Unsuspecting people pull into their driveways after being gone for an extended period, open their front doors, and are hit with a sight and a smell that nearly knocks them over. What happened? Their roof leaked, and because no one was home, the rain water has been soaking into their home for days. It’s created an unspeakable amount of damage, and that awful rain water smell is sure to linger for months.

Most people never expect any part of their roof to leak. You never plan on finding your new television covered with water or your new area rug soaked . . . But it happens, and it happens at the worst possible times. The only way to stop something like this from occurring is to stop the problem before it becomes one. In other words, be proactive about your roof!

Outside of random acts of God, almost all roofing emergencies can be prevented with regular maintenance. By having a roofing inspection performed at least once a year, your roof can be evaluated for any signs of deficiencies. You can discover if flashing is damaged or underlayment exposed and allowing water to soak through your roof and into your attic. And during that inspection, all elements of your roof are checked, including the attic and your insulation. You should know precisely how your roof is holding up.

Before finalizing your Christmas vacation plans, give Centennial Roofing a call at 927-223-1765, and make sure you have your roof inspected. This is an ideal service to have done, especially if one hasn’t been performed on your home in years. Call today!