Home Spring Cleaning You Didn’t Think to Do!

Home in the Springtime

Spring brings the excitement of warm weather and longer days. It also brings with it a harsh reality. Spring means spring cleaning!

It’s time to dust off the list of projects you’ve been meaning to tackle; there’s deep cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming every inch of your home, and washing the walls. Spring cleaning may not be exciting, but your hard work is always rewarded. Afterward, the interior of your home sparkles! Why not apply the same amount of attention to the outside of your home?

After all, first impressions mean a great deal. It doesn’t matter how nice the inside of your residence appears if the outside looks dirty, worn, and tattered. And by maintaining the exterior of your home today, you may avoid large and expensive repairs that might need to be made in the future.

After you’ve scrubbed every inch inside your home, here are a few things you may want to consider doing to the outside of your home:

• Wipe down your windows. Wash your windows with a mix of a quarter cup of vinegar with a quart of cool water in a spray bottle. Use rolled up newspaper to wipe the windows down. Don’t worry, the newsprint won’t rub off, and it’s cheaper than paper towels. And remember to wipe from top to bottom!

• Re-grade around your foundation. If pools of water accumulate near your home, it’s only a matter of time before that water finds its way inside! Remove any sod or mulch from the depressed area with a shovel. Take additional soil and fill in the low spots. With a tamp, make sure that soil is packed tightly. Push the mulch or relay the sod on top of the new soil.

• Fill the cracks in your driveway. Clean all dirt from any cracks that exist and fi ll them with driveway patch, which can be found at any hardware store. Smooth over the cracks with a trowel. After it sets, hose off the driveway and mix up a driveway sealer. Poor the sealer in a line down the center of the driveway. Use a squeegee to spread it out evenly and thinly. While doing this, make sure you have plastic bags wrapped around your feet, so as not to ruin your shoes.

• Fix, lubricate, and seal any doors. Inspect all the doors in your home; this includes screen doors and garage doors. Lubricate the hinges and springs with a light household oil. Take a moment to look for any gaps that might exist around your doors and their frames. If you can see light peeking through that means air is leaking through, as well. Use backer rods and/ or caulk to fill in those small spaces.

• Remove rust from any metal surfaces. Rust always seems to find its way on railings and other metal surfaces exposed to the elements. Should you find rust, take a wire brush and scrape as much of the loose rust off as possible. Brush it to the bare metal, if possible. Next, apply a metal primer to the affected area. Finish by painting it with a rust-resistant paint.

• Trim your grass, bushes, and trees. Nothing can make a home look worse than tall grass and overgrown bushes and trees. Be sure to cut your grass regularly, so that it doesn’t become a large project. Also, cut back your hedges, bushes, and trees every few months.

• Power wash your home’s exterior. Storms can blow dirt, leaves, and debris against your house causing discoloration. Rent a power washer, hook it up to your hose, and thoroughly wash and clean your brick walls. If you have siding, be sure to set your power washer on a lower setting. Once you’ve finished spray-cleaning your home, be sure to power wash your deck and privacy fence, too.

You don’t have to be contractor, or even a handyman, to perform much of this work. At most, you’ll need to run down to the local hardware store, ask a few questions, and be on your way.

One thing you may need some assistance with – and you should have done – is having your gutters cleaned and repaired and your roof evaluated.

At Centennial Roofing, one of our highly trained technicians can come to your home, clean your gutters, tighten them if they seem to be pulling away from your home, and then give you an honest evaluation of your roof’s health. Winter can be extremely difficult on roofs; it can cause shingles to rip off, decay, or become extremely weak.

Call us at Centennial Roofing today at 972-223-1765, and you can see for yourself how we can help. We’ll be more than happy to take that bit of spring cleaning off your hands!