Is Your Roof Giving Your Warning Signs?

roofingIf you’re like me, you absolutely hate it. You’re driving along down the road when out of the blue, a little light kicks on your dashboard. It reads “Service Soon.”

My stomach automatically drops when I read those two little words. But as soon as I see them, I’m on the phone with my mechanic scheduling an appointment. While I hate it when one of the lights on my car’s dashboard lights up, I’m still grateful that those little lights are there. It allows me to get my car repaired before it breaks down. Being stranded on the side of the road isn’t a pleasant thought!

Unfortunately, most oncoming troubles don’t come with a little dashboard warning lights. You have to learn about the problem the hard way… when it happens. Thankfully, your roof doesn’t have to work that way.

You may not realize it, but your roof may be giving you some major early indicators that it needs some help… right NOW… before a major leak springs and douses your plasma TV or family heirlooms with water!

Want to know what those early warning signs are? They’re actually easier to identify that you might think. When you have a moment, take a stroll outside your home. Walk far enough away from it, until you can clearly see your roof.

Does anything pop out at you? Do you notice any dark patches, streaks, or blotches? Can you see any missing shingles or loose flashing along your chimney? Or do any shingles, shakes, or tiles appear to be cracked, split, or curling?

You may not be a roofing expert, but you’re an intelligent human being. Anything that looks out of the ordinary on your roof is an early warning sign that a bigger, much more serious problem may be festering below! Any imperfections or odd-appearing marks may be a sign that the soft underbelly of your roof is being exposed to the elements!

In other words, water has an easy-to-access highway through your roof and into your home! If after looking at your roof you notice something suspicious, call Centennial Roofing at 972-223-1765.

We’ll gladly send an experienced roofing technician to your home to perform a thorough roofing analysis. Even if you can’t identify any immediate problems with your roof, it’s wise to have a professional evaluate your roof annually, especially if it’s five or more years old.

Trust us… It’s much better to catch a little imperfection now, rather than have a gaping hole in your roof. So, don’t ignore the warning signs your roof is giving you! Eliminate those small problems before the spring storms start rolling in and leaving you with a huge mess!