A Mother’s Day Message from Steve

Every second Sunday of May, throughout North America, millions of people celebrate Mother’s Day. Truthfully, it’s probably a holiday that should be celebrated at least several times a year.

If you’re like me, your mother played a large role in your life growing up. She was always supportive and loving. I like to think my mother was a big reason why I decided to start my own business and help others through a trade that I love.

More than ever, being a mother means that your day is packed with activity. You’re probably working while trying to keep up with your family and balancing your own personal life. So, of course, you don’t have much free time. And the last thing you need is your roof to spring a leak at the worst possible time!

However, if you haven’t had your roof inspected in some time, that’s exactly what you could be facing! And with each passing year, the percentages that your roof may experience a problem grow higher and higher!

Right now, if you have a roof that’s at least 10 years old and hasn’t been evaluated by a professional this year, call Centennial Roofing today!

To the mothers reading this: Not only should you receive a little tender love and care this second Sunday in May; we think your roof should, too! And after a roofing analysis, you can have the confidence knowing your roof will protect you from the elements all year long. That means you can go about your day and life… uninterrupted.

From Centennial Roofing, Happy Mother’s Day! And thank you for your business!

Sincerely, Steve Andersen