A Letter From Steve

It’s getting to be a real problem in our world today.

Innocent homeowners call contractors looking to have work performed on their home. A service person shows up, and the homeowner doesn’t think twice about letting that person into their home. They presume that person is honest and coming to help them with their problem.

All too often these seemingly innocent calls turn tragic. Not long ago, I heard about a Florida woman who was killed by a registered sex offender who was performing work in her home. In another instance, a service technician in the Minneapolis area was convicted on several counts of stealing from customers’ homes.

In yet another story, an unsuspecting housewife in Missouri hired a contractor only to have him call back two weeks later and make lewd remarks over the telephone. What if this guy had done more than just make telephone calls? You don’t think about this possibly happening until it’s too late.

No one should feel uncomfortable at home alone with a service technician. You and your family deserve to be safe; to live life without fear. Women home alone with small children, the elderly, or the disabled shouldn’t have to be wary of their security when calling a contractor.

As a person who’s been in this industry for years, it sickens me that this has become an issue… but it has. Knowing this, Centennial Roofing has made a commitment to you and all of our loyal customers. You will never have to worry about someone from our company that enters your home or be concerned about their true intentions.

Every employee at Centennial Roofing is background checked and regularly drug tested. No criminal or drug addict will ever wear one of our uniforms. We have one of the most difficult hiring processes around, and only people of high moral character are given the opportunity to be employed by Centennial Roofing.

We then take these hard working people and provide them with the best technical and communication training offered in the country. So, you’ll know that when one of our people shows up, they’re upstanding citizens who are eager and able to help you with any and all of your home’s needs.

Many contractors in the home services business do not bother to practice such stringent policies, but that’s what distinguishes us from the rest.

When you call Centennial Roofing at 972-223-1765, you know you’re dealing with a professional who cares about your personal safety, the safety of your family, and the well-being and security of your home. We feel that’s the least we can do for you.

Sincerely, Steve