You Have Your Car Inspected and Serviced . . . But What About Your Roof?


It’s a terrible feeling. No one ever wants to experience it. You’re driving along a lonely stretch of highway; you haven’t seen anyone for miles. Suddenly, your car starts making a funny sound, and it isn’t running quite right.

You don’t worry at first.

Several miles down the road, smoke pours out from under your car’s hood, and the warning lights on your dashboard illuminate like a Christmas tree. Before you know it, your car loses acceleration and dramatically slows down. You’re about to become stranded on the side of a road. Hopefully, you have a well charged cell phone that you can use to get help.

But what happens if it’s running low? Even then, if you’re in the middle of nowhere, how much is it going to cost to tow your car all the way to a service station? And at that point, can you trust the service station you’re stuck at? You’ll have to hope they won’t try and take advantage of you.

A fear of this situation is what makes most people take very good care of their cars. You have yours inspected each year, and you have its oil changed regularly. Should any little lights pop up on your dash, you’re sure to have it in the shop the next day—no need to take any chances! You do this all because you depend on your car; plus, it’s an expensive piece of machinery!

Well, here’s another scenario that all people should hope to avoid: You return home after a hard day of working. You walk in to see a huge mess in your living room. It’s soaked with water. Your HDTV, your stereo, your expensive carpet—they’re all wet. Where’s the water coming from? Then you look up. Your roof has leaked! You’re stuck with a big, expensive mess.

Fortunately, there’s a very easy way to avoid this potential headache. Just like your car, your roof requires regular inspection and occasional maintenance. It’s an important part of your home that you count on to keep your family dry and safe.

When it is well taken care of, it’s highly likely you’ll never have any trouble. Now, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably a regular client of ours. And you know the value of roof inspections. If you’ve never had us visit your home—or if you have a friend or loved one who hasn’t experienced our professionalism—give Centennial Roofing a call at 972-223-1765.

Do your best to eliminate the likelihood of a roof leak! Give us a call at Centennial Roofing for a full-scale evaluation. Just like your car, your roof is something hugely important to you. Treat it well, and you’ll drastically reduce the possibility of any future problems!