4 steps to find the best roofing contractors in Dallas

When it comes to roofing contractors in Dallas, the competition is tough and unfortunately, customers can often be taken advantage of. Finding a professional, qualified roofing contractor is not a matter of chance – it is one of choice and education. At Centennial Roofing, our focus is our customers – after 30 years in Dallas, Texas our reputation speaks for itself.

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Here are four steps to find the best roofing contractors in Dallas – we hope you’ll give us the chance to service you!

1.       Do your homework. Start your research with the National Roofing Contractors Association – this organization can identify qualified Dallas roofing contractors in your area. Also, contact the Better Business Bureau to get some background information on each roofing contractor, as well as their ratings. The BBB can also compare a companies’ reported length of time in business with the membership date they have on file. If there is a large time difference between these two, that’s probably an issue.

2.       Meet with the contractors. Start with evaluating each contractor’s product suggestions – certain products have manufacturers’ rebates, which may influence a contractor’s choice of product for your home. Also, pay close attention to suggested installation procedures – it’s not necessary to be a roofing expert, just listen closely and use common sense. The contractor should be willing to work with your schedule and have normal business hours. It’s also important to make sure the roofer has a permanent business address and phone number – if not, they are likely “drive-by” storm chasers.

3.       Proposals and Payment

Proposals should be very specific and clearly written, breaking down separate line items and providing thorough detail. Potential, unforeseen costs should be included as well. Never hire a company who asks for all of the money up front. The standard rule is balance upon completion.

Also, all roofing contractors estimate on a “per square” basis. Always ask the contractor to write down the number of squares they have calculated for your project – many times, different estimates from different contractors will have a discrepancy due to the amount of squares.

4.       Insurance

Confirm that your contractor has insurance, and obtain the certificate before roofing work begins. The insurance company is not always your best friend, so it’s important to have an honest contractor in your corner. If a claim is questionable, an adjuster will typically lean in favor of the insurance company. Most of the time, you will not receive the entire amount you are entitled to up front from the insurance company. The insurance company will depreciate a percentage of the claim that is payable only upon completion of the roof. So, be sure you understand your adjuster’s report and the full amount you are entitled to. And if you don’t, contact us for help!

What are some tips you use when searching for a roofing contractor? Let us know in the comments below!