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We’ve taken a look back through our blog catalog and selected the five most popular blog posts – so, go ahead and catch up on information you may have missed. And, check back frequently, because we’ll be updating the blog regularly!


1. Tips on improving your home and roof’s energy efficiency

Conserving energy doesn’t have to be a difficult process – you can begin living a greener lifestyle by making a few energy-efficient changes to your home and roof. If you’re serious about becoming environmentally responsible, call us today! We can show you significant improvements to help the environment and reduce your utility bills.

2. You have your car inspected and serviced…but what about your roof?

Oil changes, inspections, shop visits – you take great care of your car because you depend on it and it’s an expensive piece of machinery. You should have the same attitude towards roof maintenance, as it protects your family and belongings. Give us a call for full-scale evaluation of your roof – and drastically reduce the possibility of any future problems.

3. Repair vs. replace your roof

It’s important to determine if your roof has minor or major damages that require a repair or replacement. A quality roof is a necessary investment – uses essential information about your roof to determine what’s needed. The site then provides you with credible roofing companies, called Roof Response Teams, of which Centennial Roofing is a part of.

4. Beware of the drive-by storm roofer

When a storm blows through the area, it brings more than just high winds and damaging hail. It also brings the dreaded “storm chaser” who takes advantage of confused consumers before moving on to the next town. Don’t fall victim – use a trusted, reliable roofer who cares about the community.

5. Do you know the true health of your roof?

Your home is a major asset – you should do everything possible to keep its value high. Part of this includes minding the quality and shape of the roof that sits on top. Ensuring you have a strong roof doesn’t mean you need a new one! Small improvements can add many more years to the life of your roof.

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