Roof leak? Time to call a reputable residential roofing company

When a roof unexpectedly begins to leak, homeowners typically become concerned. This is when a qualified residential roofing company can ease fears. Below we have outlined some basic information about roof leaks and what to do if the situation arises, including calling a reputable residential roofing company.

Types of leaks

Many areas can look like a roof leak – windows, foundation, plumbing and air conditioning leaks – but when a roof leaks the water almost never travels in a straight line. It’s important to find the source, which can be more involved than searching directly above the damaged ceiling.

Roof leaks

If the roof is leaking, there will be a stain or wet spot on the ceiling. Plumbing, roof vents, chimneys, dormers or other projections are the most common source of leaks. If the problem isn’t obvious, carefully soak the leak area on the roof with a hose – a qualified residential roofing company can identify and fix the leak.

Action items

Try to control interior damage as quickly as possible: cover floors with old towels or plastic, move or cover furniture with plastic sheets. Place a large bucket on a solid surface under the dripping water. Call a quality roofing company to repair the leak. If the leak is pooling and soaking through the sheetrock, cut a small hole to allow the water to come through easily. This will prevent extensive damage to the sheetrock as well as the risk of large waterlogged pieces of sheetrock falling from your ceiling.


Most times a leak can be temporarily repaired or fixed the same day, depending on the size and condition of the leak. If you are replacing a large portion of the roof or re-roofing, it will depend on the type of roof, the weather, and the inspections needed. For a small home expect a few days – for a large commercial project expect a few weeks or possibly months. As long as the roofing company manages the project closely and effectively, the project should move smoothly.


We suggest talking to your roofing company before contacting your insurance provider, as most leak repairs will fall within your home insurance deductible. In the case of a roof leak, we recommend not filing a claim (unless it is hail or major storm damage). Most homes have a one percent deductible, so, financially, there is no reason to file a claim.

All residential roofing companies are not the same – make sure you select a company with a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, who carries liability insurance. In Texas, residential roofing contractors do not legally have to be licensed or insured. We are both and have been A+ rated for over 30 years.

How have you handled roof leaks in the past? Share your advice in the comments below!