Six simple tips to keep your house warm this winter

Winter has arrived! Instead of suffering through the cold nights and high energy bills, we want to give you six simple tips to help you keep your house warm, while also saving money this winter.

  1. Replace weatherstrips. Do you have weatherstrips on your doors and windows? When was the last time you replaced them? Replacing worn down or damaged weatherstrip lining can seal any gaps in your doors and windows and keep the warm air from escaping your home.
  2. Cover the floor. The unpleasant feeling of walking on the ice cold floors of your home most likely results with you heading straight to the thermostat and turning up the heat. To keep this from happening, cover the tile and wood floors of your home with rugs or other floor mats. This will also help keep your energy bill down.
  3. Reverse ceiling fan blades. Reversing the blades on your ceiling fans will help bring down the rising heat at the highest level of your home down to the lower level.
  4. Check attic insulation. A major reason why your home loses heat is because your roof is not properly insulated. Check your attic and if you notice any of the floor joists are visible, fill in the gaps with more insulation.
  5. Let in the sunlight. Whenever the sun is out, open your blinds and curtains to let the sun in. Even if it is still cool outside, the sunlight will contribute to warming your home.
  6. Check the roof. If your roof is damaged, it might be letting out the warm air from inside your home. Replacing your roof or repairing any damages is important in order to ensure the winter weather stays out of your home and the cozy air you want stays inside.

We want to make sure you and your family stay warm and safe this winter, so call us or click here to schedule your free roof inspection today! Do you have any other tips and tricks to keep the house warm during the winter?