Repair or Replace Your Roof Quiz from Centennial Roofing

How many years does your roof have left? Does your roof really need to be replaced, when it might just need repairing? Contrary to what some contractors might tell you, you may not need a complete roofing replacement just yet.

Take the Repair vs Replace Quiz from Centennial Roofing to find out whether you need a brand new roof or just a good repair job.

Many Texas roofing contractors do not do roofing repairs, and will insist on a brand new roof. Depending on your budget or the actual problems that your roof may have, you may not need a brand new roof.

Most homeowners dread replacing or repairing their roofs, but you don’t have to be one of them! Take Centennial Roofing’s easy Repair or Replace Your Roof Quiz and be informed about what your roof needs before calling a contractor for an estimate.

Choose your type of roof below to start:

Shingle or Wood Shake Roof

Flat Roof

Tile Roof