Roof Types

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are typically something most homeowners dread. And it’s probably something you only think about after a major storm. When you do decide to assess your roof, it’s important to not only shop around for the best price, but to also thoroughly research the roofing contractor you choose to make sure they offer the highest-quality materials.

Many Texas roofing contractors do not offer roofing repairs, and will insist you purchase a brand new roof. Depending on your budget, and the actual roof problem you may have, you may not need an entirely new roof.

At Centennial Roofing, our trained technicians review your roof with our 17-Point Roof Inspection to find all issues associated with repairing or replacing your roof. We offer up to a three year warranty on all roof repairs for residential home and one year on commercial buildings.

With our excellent client support, our customers can be confident we will take care of them and their home.


A new roof may be the largest investment you put into your home. The right roofing materials and shingle color can increase the value of your home, while low-quality materials and installation can leave a costly and unsafe impact.

All of us at Centennial Roofing have taken great strides to continually increase our knowledge of all the roofing products available. This allows us to show you all the roofing material choices your have to add value to your home. Below is more information on the types of shingles we provide. However, brochures and shingle samples are the best information sources. Because of the numerous decisions you have to make when considering a new roof, we hope you’ll allow us to help you narrow down the best option for your home.

3-Tab Shingles

These shingles are designed to be a cost-effective solution when installing a new roof. This type of shingle usually comes with a 20-25-year manufacturer warranty but doesn’t offer much wind resistance or design option. However, this material is a great value for homeowners needing some financial relief.

Laminated/Hail Resistant Shingles

Laminated shingles are designed to resemble wood shingles. If you’re looking for design and function in your roof restoration, these shingles offer a number of different colors and give a roof a layered look. Laminated shingles typically come with a 30 to lifetime manufacturer warranty, are stronger than a tab shingle and offer a greater degree of wind and tear protection adding greater value to your home. Note: Hail resistant shingles will decrease most homeowners’ premiums.

Designer Shingles

Each Designer Shingle offers a unique appearance and design to give your home a very specific look. Most manufacturers have designed different styles to emulate natural products like wood shingles, slate and tile. Some even have unique style of their own. These products generally come with a 40-year to a lifetime warranty. While it may be more of a cost up front, the increase in your home’s resale value and its overall appearance will be worth it in the end.

Aluminum Shingles

Aluminum shingles can dramatically change the overall appearance of your home. The contemporary style and color options will give your roof a high-end design. These shingles are proven to give you years of trouble-free service, and, as one of the most energy-efficient types of roofing materials, this material is hard to beat. The downside is that these shingles are very soft and easily damaged.

Steel Shingles

These shingles are quickly becoming a staple in the roofing industry. With specialized paint finishes that have proven to be reliable, steel shingles can be formed and colored to give a dramatic appearance and increase the resale value of any home.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs have been used for centuries to protect and beautify distinguished homes. With a life expectancy of 100+ years, good quality slate is a once in a lifetime choice. While slate was traditionally known for being extremely heavy and expensive, the updated TruSlate from GAF offers consumers a real slate roof at half the weight and half the price.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs come in many styles and colors and can resemble the traditional barreled style or look like wood shingles or slate. It is important to ensure your roof structure has been designed to handle the weight of a tile roof, however new advancements have allowed tiles to be made lighter, and clay or cement tiles can last a lifetime.